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Enlarge Your Imagination by Designing An Experimental Booth

The main purpose of creativity is being different. This method has proven by one of the largest smartphone company in the world, Apple.

With different approach and exclusive device, Apple transformed into the most high demand products and also the most popular smartphone in the world. Aside from being different, The vision that Steve Jobs applied when he first make Apple was attention to the details, including Macbook’s cardboard. He once criticized by his own partner, Steve Wozniak, because the money that he spent on cardboard was way too much.

But this is what make Apple successful by it philosophy which is "Think Different". Not only for one subject, you can apply this way of thinking in so many ways. One of them is when you think on designing a booth exhibition.

With a different look, your booth will easily communicate the message even when potential customers or investors are not joining you. Quick, find out what these companies made out from "thinking differently"!

1. A built-in product on the booth 
Built-in product on the booth

2. Or this gaming PC company who build an interactive booth, along with selfies and whatnot

interactive booth

3. While this organic food company who make their booth as 'organic' as possible.

organic booth

These booths are the proof that the creativity is not always what you offers, but rather to look different so you would be easily remembered. 



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