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How to Keep People Attracted to Your Booth

The challenge would be big, you have to make something big related to your business theme. How would you do it?

An exhibition event gives an enormous opportunity for young entrepreneurs or start-up companies  to expand their businesses, especially when your  business is similar. There will be a competition, for sure. Then how would you "win" the game of attracting investors or customers? Here's an idea: try designing your own booth. 

First, study the exhibition venue. Where are the entrance and exit gate, what products your competitors offered and where is the booth information located. By learning these small details, you can easily be the first choice of potential investor by having the most strategic position and determine in what way you want your booth to be looked.

Second, in designing your booth, try to think of the colors you want to represent your company. As you may have known, each color associates an emotion. Red as a raging fire or blue as calm as the ocean. But, it would be so much better when you use the logo as your color palette. 

Third, as hard as it sounds, prepare yourself to the maximum level you can be. In the exhibition booth, the business you are serving reflects in you. That's why you need to switch your mind that this is not a job. This is what you need to do. You have to get rid all of your thoughts outside this particular exhibition, merge yourself with the exhibition activities and  focus building connection.  

With this full attention, you can engage promising investors, along with the booth you had imagined to be true.

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