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How to Decide on a Business Name

A business name can determine the identity of your business for a long period of time. 

Before you jump in to making your promotional campaign, it is vital then to give the best name for a longer life span of your business.

Naming a business is not an easy task and straight forward as you think. Your business name is its core identity, it’s not just something you create on a letterhead and above your door, but rather the primary keyword on your website, the public label you apply to your company, so you need to get it right.

Even if you think that you have found the perfect name for your start up, it’s worth taking tome now to run it through this checklist, rather than realizing you need to change it later on.


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Step 1, deciding on a naming style

Before starting to think about specific names, you probably need to consider the type of name you want.

  • Descriptive names including people or place names, or a description  of the product or service you are offering. These are great If you are running a local service you don’t place to expand or if your name has the right ring to it. However, if your name doesn’t fit the business or there’s already a business with the same name, you might have to give this category a miss.
  • Evocative names taking on an object and making it to a business or a product. Apple and Blackberry can be a good example. Quick tip: evocative names are good for young and bold business.
  • Invented names might take parts of two words to create a new business name. Verizon, UHU and Accenture are the prime examples. This type of names is good for less glamorous industries and commonly found in finance, infrastructure, manufacturing and distribution.


Step 2, brainstorm potential names

Create a brainstorming session and list the possible names that you can think of, whether it silly or unsuitable. Sometimes, the names that you think terrible can create the perfect name later on.


Step 3, be unique

Once you established the promising names, check companies houses for business with your potential names, and get rid of any that already exist.

Do an internet search for other companies with the same name globally. Also check the result that come up. Are there any similar connections that you were unaware of? Discard any names that have.

Finally, check the availability of domain names. Email is essential but at some points your business will be eventually need a website. If you have decided a unique name, you almost certainly won’t have a problem in creating a domain name.


Step 4, choosing a name

Once you’ve narrowed your list down to suitable potential names for your business, it’s time to make your choice. If you have found multiple business names that pass all the test, then you can choose with the one who you like the best.

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