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Did You Know That Black Color is Different in Printing World?

Black color is different in printing services, care to figure it out?

Ink absorption can be different based on the material that being printed on. Business card stock will require more drying time than any kind of printer paper. Gloss and laminated material provide the benefit of intensifying look of the artwork because the light can get through to the ink itself.

But, when a non-glossy material is being printed on, the ink will be absorbed into it instead of sitting on the top of it. This will create a black color less dense than they are.


Source: Brit Modeller

How to deal with color intensity

Many inkjet printers have the situation where two-color press is being used, the one is black and another color. The flow of ink onto the labels can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the pressure on the rollers.

If a CMYK process is being used, you have to operating the machine, hence, also control the color. However, if you want the black color more intense, you would need to be more careful in this scenario because adjusting one color to create more intense black can also affect intensity and blend of other color. The worst scenario would be the elements of label will lose their balance.


100% black is not an answer

When creating any text or artwork to be printed onto inkjet labels, choosing 100% black should be enough for you to provide the desired intensity. This is often chosen because how computer monitor will appear.

But, monitor also use green, blue and red color for their display, which also make the color appear far more vibrant than they will be printed. 100% color is not going to give you the answer because the solution not lies in the percentage of black used in the image, but in the percentage of other colors being used.

Things to keep in mind

If you choose relatively ‘normal’ range of colors that are printed on your labels, the printer will likely adjust the amount of black to these colors. This could mean adding cyan to the black to get it richer. If your labels contain warm colors in brown spectrum, you need to ‘mix’ the black with yellow or magenta.

With this post, you have an understatement that black is the color of various spectrum, depend on how you treated them and what colors that you mix. When you have decided which ‘type’of black for your labels, the next thing that you need to do is finding digital printing services for your labels, thus, Quickprint Indonesia should be your sole candidate

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