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Self-Adhesive Labels, What Are They Consisted of?

It extremely versatile and easy to applied of, self-adhesive labels is one of the low-cost yet effective promotional tools. However, with advances in technology, more can be done with the self-adhesive labels than ever before. Today’s label are available in a wide variety of formats, each with particular set of advantages, However, to have a deep understanding of Adhesive-labels, you need to understand the construction.

Source: Mercian Labels

The right facestock is crucial

The facestock is the marial that bonded to adhesive layer of label. Without the right facestock and adhesive, a label will not be suited to its application. There are many varieties of facestock that are available

Uncoated facestock

Can also refer as vellum, a uncoated paper is the simplest form of facestock that available. It also the most cost-effective. An uncoated facestock is ideal for most general purpose of applications, which make it suitable for water-based adhesive.

Coated facestock

Coated paper contains a layer of specialised coating for the purpose of improving a label’s apperance and performance propeties. The heavier the layer of coating, the smoother the label’s finish and higher its rigidity.

Thermal facestock

Like the name implies, thermal facestock is coated with heat-senisitve chemical which require the heat-activated in. Examples where thermal stock is used include sales receipts, food labels and industrial bar codes.

The film on label is that opaque or transparent materials that are made from wide variety of plactics, often found in shampoo bottles and plasctic food containers. There are three types of label film that exist on market: polsyter film, polypropylene film and polyethylene film.

Polyster film can resist heat up to 150 celcius and resist moisture and chemicals, polypropylene offers high clarity and higher strength, while polyethylene film have very low stiffness and can resist both moisture and UV light.

Release liners

The release liner on labels are largely paper-based, it also need to be smooth and dense in order to provide a uniform surface. Glassline liner are translucent and very stong which is van be found virtually on roll labels. Kraft liners are coated with clay on one side to add rigidity.

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