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The Unsung Heroes of Asian Games 2018

When President Soekarno decided that Indonesia could participate and hosting Asian Games, many people share their doubt. As the ‘young’ nation that only celebrate the 17th year of freedom, the movement that President Soekarno took is quite risky and seemed rushed. But, instead of drowning in people’s doubt and try to convience them with a long speech or an announcement, President Soekarno choose the path that many great leaders took: working.

From Hotel Indonesia to Selamat Datang Monument, President Soekarno make a total change and dress up the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. A good treatment of the athletes and contingent is the right way to show the world what Indonesia are capable of. With the help of Indonesian people, the 4th Asian Games 1962  was successful and become the foundation and example. not only for Asian Countries, but also for Indonesian people that consist of very diverse ethnics and background.

What President Soekarno brought in 1962 highly matters because it is the sign that Indonesia capable of doing what other big countries do. Held a multi-event sport for many Asian countries surely not an easy task to do, but in 1962, we are successful.

Fifty six years later, we have a the honor to once again, welcome many Asian countries to compete in the best sports competition in Asia, the only difference from the 1962’s era was is the number of countries that are participate. If Asian Games 1962  ‘only’ 17 countries were participated, in Asian Games 2018, 45 countries have participate or almost tripled the amount than the 1962’s version.

But, with the help of Indonesian people, especially the unsung hero, the 2 weeks biggest multi-event sport in Asian have been successful. Highly positive critics from international media and praise from many athletes that participate are the result of patience and hard work, not only from the officials and INASGOC, but also from many unsung heroes, that day and night show an limitless efforts to make sure that Indonesia show the it’s brightest face to Asia.


One of the unsung heroes that we have to thoroughly praise and mention is the vendors, particulary Quickprint Indonesia, that have spend an amountless sweat and power, to make sure the installation are perfect.


Putting stickers on a high wall in Aquatic stadium, produce a mesh banner to ‘guide’ the spectator to show their support to the athletes in Istora, or even put an Asian Games banner logo in each side of the greatest Gelora Bung Karno are some of the work and risk that Quickprint Indonesia have to choose as a part of Asian Games campaign motto, Sukseskan Asian Games 2018.


The hard work that Quickprint Indonesia have done is not finish as the atheletes competing. A maintanance is a mandatory to make sure that everything is perfect. To show that work ethics and professionalism is the true face of Indonesian people.

And as you can as soon as the closing ceremony over, many people from around the world continually praising and give their biggest respect to Indonesia that we had done our work. A work that also come from the unsung heros, particulary, Quickprint Indonesia.

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