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What is Label Stock? Is it an Essential Consideration?

When you were a kid, you almost certainly have a hobby to put a label onto your stationery or personal things to remind people what your posession are. A white label with your name on it will minimize the risk the lost of your stationery.

As you grow older, you have many consideration to create labels either for business or personal uses. Among them are what colors to choose, what style of label that you need or is there any special printer to print them? To illuminate you, here are some factors that you need to understand.

What is label stock?

The definition of label stock, as the name implies, is any kind of paper or other material that can be used to make labels. This could be anything from fabric, film, even foil. Label stock also can be used in creating of coaking, backing sheets that can form various parts of label.

The use of label?

Although, this is a very easy task to do, thinking about what the label will actually be used is a critical element to consider what kind of stock that will be suitable.

You may need your labels for asset tracking, or simply to identify components. Also, another thing that you need to consider is the ideal permanency. Will they need to be removable, or once in a while, you will need to reposition them? Once they are applied, is it possible that at some point, you need to remove them?

What kind of surface that the labels need to stick to?

Adhesives definitely matter when choosing label stock. However, if the stock isn’t strong enough, it will be ripped and illegible. Understanding not only the surface that the label will be applied to, but the characteristic of the surface is also important.

How will they be printed?

Labels can be printed using several types of technology, that can emphasize the different strengths of labels. Printing inkjet labels produces a product that’s ideal for adhering to boxes and bags, where direct thermal printing allows for labels that are durable in any kind of weather. Another element of printing to consider is whether to print labels yourself of hire a company to print them for you.

Is it worth to trust a printing services for your labels?

Yes it is, if you’re hiring a printing company, especiall digital printing services, the professionalism and work ethics will guaranteed that your label stock come out with the best material on the market. That professionalims and work ethics is the core of Quickprint Indonesia, that surely will take care of your label stock carefully.

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