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Beneficial Foam Board Display for Your Business

As one of the highest demand material for promotional campaign, foam board is essential to make your business compelling and well-known.

One of the reason why foam board extremely famous because it had so much versatility without ruining the professional side. If you still wonder how much profit that foam board can deliver to your business, here are 5 reasons why it’s still invaluable form of promotional campaign.


Constructing a promotional campaign can be tiring and excruciating. Long time of estimating the target, observing the location and ‘dissecting’ what kind of demographic that you’re trying to grab are some of that tiring process. Having a light material to bring surely will be helpful to save unnecessary energy and time that you can spent elsewhere.

Adhesive friendly

When you don’t have a standee for your foam board signs, you can just use removable adhesive to display them. Just use a small squares adhesives sticker on the back of the foam and attach it to the wall and it will guarantee that either your foam board or the the walls won’t have a permanent damage.

Cost effective

If you have a tight budget but you have to create a promotional campaign that are good and simple, a foam board can be your option. An affordable price with a lot of colors option can be applied on foam board.


One of the coolest feature of foam board is imagery. With a foam board sign, you can print a large-scale image directly onto the material. You also can ‘play around’ with the background images by placing it on the very edges of the foam board, give the bigger and more focus appearance of the picture.

Because foam board is extremely light, it’s prone to be damage. That is why, foam board need the hand of expertise to boost the best potential out of them. Many years of experiences make Quickprint Indonesia are the best candidate to ‘taking care’ of your form boards to make inspiring promotional campaign for your business.

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