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Foam Core Prints versus PVC Board Printing, Who’s Winning?

As a businessman, you certainly want the best advertising tool to promote your business or raise your brand awareness, other than that, you also wanted to have an advertising print that will last for years. When it comes down to that, there are only few options that you have, it’s either foam core print using foam board or even PVC board printing.

If you still can distinguish the differences between them or want to know a bit further explanation, luckily, this post is made for you.


Foam Core Printing

Foam core printing is ideal for simple projects, advertising materials and signage that do not require framing. This material is commonly used to produce architectural models, prototype of  small objects and to produce patterns for casting. Scenery for scale model displays, dioramas, and computer games are often produced by hobbyists from foamcore. It is economical in printing jobs because the lack of framing hardware will decrease the price. But, if you wanted to put frame on foam core you can always do that.

Design that are printed on foam board will stay vibrant for longer periods of time. Foam board core printing offers a moisture barrier that will put lamination so there is no bowing or warping if the material is displayed for a long time and even when hung outdoors.


PVC Board Printing

PVC board printing is a new way to print marketing or advertising materials such as POP display or even signage. Because it’s advanced technology, PVC board is perfect for outdoor applications since they are very durable and resistant, especially to the weather.

Although it’s water resistant, PVC board offers full-color option and sizes so it also can be used for indoors. Shop signs, menu boards or even trade show signs are the most popular uses for PVC board. This type of PVC is super flexible, light and durable.

Reason why PVC boards much better than just ‘regular’ foam core printing
PVC board will last longer and suitable for outdoor uses and in any weather. This will make PVC board last longer and thus will convey the messages throughout its life span.
PVC board are very versatile compared to foam board because it can be used for outdoor signage, yard signs and restaurant menu.
PVC board also have a low gloss matte finish, so print stay dust-free and easy to maintain.
Because it’s durable, PVC boards will never wear even when used continuously. And PVC boards can be held all day because it’s light.

With these facts, it is clear that PVC board printing win all the way. So the last step that you have to do is find the best services that can produce the best PVC board in town. Luckily, Quickprint Indonesia have many experiences in this field, hence, making the best PVC board is our specialty. You can contact us for further details and questions.

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