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Reasons That Floor Standing Display Are Great for A Promotional Campaign

Floor Standing Display Units or FSDUs are the most common promotional campaign particularly used in a retail businesses.

In every shop you go, especially phone credit or food shop, you may see a lot of FSDUs. Find out why FSDUs are brilliant idea for any shop: Great form of an advertising. Besides selling products, FSDUs also a great way to increase brand awareness because it surely have your company’s logo or brand that printed on them. 

They are an extremely cost efficient for you displaying your products because commonly the material display that are used are not expensive.


They are more likely to catch customer’s eyes because FSDUs are separate from ‘regular’ shop shelves .

FSDUs are a great promotional tool, especially when there are special offers and deals. Because if your products only stacked in ‘regular’ shelves, the probabilities are lower that your products are going to sold out. And for the last, FSDUs are extremely versatile, because it can be placed anywhere on the shop floor.
These tips only be useful if you have the best quality of floor standing display unit which fortunately are available in Quickprint Indonesia. We can make sure that the material we provided are the best, your company’s logo and products are well read and we can help to increase the profit of your products that are sold out.



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