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Acrylic Signage as A Sign of Professionalism

Having the best material for your signage that is compelling and vibrant is an important aspect for any business.

As the nature of promotional campaign, signs also held a massive role to make that positive first impression for your company. It is important to make sign not only visually appealing, but also represents the energy of your brand.

A customized acrylic sign is a great option to energize and boost the brand awareness of your business. There are many factors that make acrylic sign as a promising enthralling promotional campaign, here are five of them.


Easy customization

Many mediums are limited for making signs because they’re  not ‘flexible’ enough. One of the benefit from acrylic is the customization and flexibility to for any kind and form of signs. So, whether you want floating letters or a mountable panel sign, an acrylic sign is perfect for you.


A sign of professionalism

There are many kind of material that often used for creating a sign, but there just a few that can create an image of professionalism. A custom acrylic sign is a great option for you since it will add class that will dazzling your potential customers.


Easy Installation

Effortlessly installing and removing is part of beneficial elements of an acrylic sign. This means, an acrylic sign will be a great choice for companies that have temporary space that eventually will move into a bigger space. Acrylic signs can also be made as a mountable panel, which means that you still have a stunning sign without giving any permanent damages to any medium.


Floating letters

Floating letters is one the luxurious feature of custom acrylic signs. Essentially, each letter that mounted will give you an appearance that each one of them floating off the wall and add the 3D effect. Even with the sign being many pieces, it is still easy to install and dismantle.

While many digital printing services put a higher price on acrylic, Quickprint Indonesia do the opposite. An acrylic from us is one of the best quality yet affordable in any digital printing services in Jakarta. For that reason, we will make sure that satisfy you with our propitious acrylic sign.

  • Jul 26, 2018
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