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Fleet Branding / Wrapping

This is our extra installation service for your fleet/corporate cars.  We are able to design, print and install our special sticker or SAV on your car.  Our technical expert will use their skill to install the sticker onto your fleet.  It will be very noticable advertising on the road.

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BTN Green Pramuka

BTN Bisnis at Green Pramuka Apartment 2022.

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MAP Kidz Station

Kidz Station is the most loved kids specialty store in Indonesia, delighting children since more than 15 years with its offering of some of the best global toy, clothing and footwear.

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Formula E 2022 Jakarta Indonesia

We proudly participated in Formula E 2022 in Jakarta last April. This is a prestigious event where we can contribute to work together with Formula E Organisation and Wicked/GL Events.

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Astro Grocery

Fleet marking or branding is one of the products that we offer to Astro Grocery. By providing them with design, printing, and application, we are helping Astro to gain more exposure to their brand.

SAV or Outdoor Sticker is used in the process of this fleet marking.

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