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1951 Asian Games and Facts You Need to Know!

06 Aug 2018 Article

As one of the most prestigious sports multi-event in Asia region, Asian Games have certainly get the spotlights whenever they’re held. In the next few weeks, that spotlight will be directed to Indonesia, the host for 18th edition of Asian Games.

As a part of celebration and proof of a participation, it would be great if you are eager to learn the historical side of Asian Games, especially the first edition that once was held back in 1951.

Asian Games

The first Asian Games that held in 1951 or nearly 70 years ago take place at New Delhi in India. With only 11 nations that are participating, this first only take a date from 4 to 11 March 1951. Having such aliases like First Asiad or 1951 Asiad, 1951 Asian Games represented total by 589 athletes that are competing in 57 events from 8 sports disciplines.

Countries that are invited on this particular event are most independent countries in Asia, excluded Soviet Union and Vietnam, due to political structures of that nations. Indonesia, a nation that freshly independent for the 5thyears, also participating in this event and successfully seize 5 bronze medals in an athletic discipline.

Because the technology that are not advanced yet, all of the 8 disciplines are just contested in one venue, and that was National Stadium.

Asian Games

The most successful Asia Nations that won the most golds and overall medals was Japan, win 24 golds from 60 overalls, while India sitting pleasantly in the second position with 51 medals overall.

Three years later, Manila at Philippines become the first Southeast Asia Country that have the honor to held Asian Games. While Indonesia followed in the 4th edition of Asian Games.

56 years later, Indonesia once again have the honor to host the 18th edition of Asian Games. Every element of society participating to make this edition Asian Games successful and memorable for every athlete that are competing.

As the official installation for Asian Games, Quickprint Indonesia dedicated to make the 18th edition of Asian Games replicate the success of 4th Asian Games edition, 56 years ago.

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