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Tabletop JTI


Established in 2010, JTI in Indonesia has grown from an importer company to one of the biggest manufacturing companies in the Indonesian tobacco industry.

Within 10 years, JTI in Indonesia has reached many successful achievements, from developing its first kretek cigarette to the acquisition of a large manufacturing company and its distribution offices with nationwide coverage.
These great achievements are resulted from some major accomplishments in the company.

It all started in 2017, where JTI entered a new cigarette segment by opening a new manufacturing facility where we started the production of clove cigarette product, widely known as Kretek. Kretek is the most favorable type of cigarette that dominates 94% of the market in the country.

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Astro Grocery

Fleet marking or branding is one of the products that we offer to Astro Grocery. By providing them with design, printing, and application, we are helping Astro to gain more exposure to their brand.

SAV or Outdoor Sticker is used in the process of this fleet marking.

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Moka provides the most integrated merchant platform in Indonesia consisting of POS, online storefront, payments, inventory management, loyalty, accounting, ingredient procurement and business loans.

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CIMB Niaga

CIMB Niaga presents an integrated financial strategy, which has been tailored to your needs and long-term investment goals.

Whether for personal or business needs, a complete financial solution from CIMB Private Banking can help you prepare for an established and planned future.

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Country Garden

Every place Country Garden created has become the spectacular scenery and a postcard of the city, with unforgettable gardening environment and first class property management that make people feel comfortable and safe.

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